Great Basin Fire Science Exchange

The Great Basin Fire Science Exchange Project serves to: 1) provide a forum where Great
Basin land managers can identify their technical needs with respect to fire, fuels, and post-fire vegetation
management; 2) develop/synthesize the necessary information and technical tools to meet these needs; and 3)
provide the necessary information and tools through venues most preferred by field staff, field office managers
and higher administrative levels, respectively.

Unique Role: The Great Basin Fire Science Exchange Project is the Joint Fire Science Program’s Regional
Knowledge Exchange Consortium for the Great Basin.  Our unique role is to provide Great Basin land managers
with faster access to applicable fire and fuels science information and to develop direct knowledge exchange
between managers and scientists in the Great Basin.

Partners: Federal, State, Tribal, NGO, and Private fire and fuels land managers.

Initiating Organization: The Joint Fire Science Program implemented this project in 2010.  The Joint Fire Science
Program is funded by the Departments of Interior and Agriculture and was initiated in 1998.

Funding/Support: This project is funded by the Joint Fire Science Program through a Great Basin Cooperative
Ecosystem Studies Unit agreement with the Nevada State Bureau of Land Management.