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Society for Ecological Restoration Great Basin Chapter

The SER Great Basin Chapter is dedicated to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among practitioners, researchers, students, policy makers and the general public to promote the science and application of restoration ecology. The Chapter focuses on repairing and managing Great Basin ecosystems in Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada and Utah. Website

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Great Basin Native Plant Project

This multi-state, collaborative research project was initiated in 2001 by the U.S. Department of Interior-Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Forest Service’s Grassland, Shrubland, and Desert Ecosystem Research Program. Major objectives are to improve the availability of native plant materials and to provide the knowledge and technology required for their use in restoring diverse…

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Great Basin Fire Science Exchange

The Great Basin Fire Science Exchange Project serves to: 1) provide a forum where Great Basin land managers can identify their technical needs with respect to fire, fuels, and post-fire vegetation management; 2) develop/synthesize the necessary information and technical tools to meet these needs; and 3) provide the necessary information and tools through venues most…

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Great Basin Environmental Program

The Great Basin Environmental Program develops funding for on-the-ground projects and related research and outreach education to improve the Great Basin environment. Unique Role: Develop funding from public and private sources to facilitate landscape-scale, on-the-ground projects by engaging NGOs, state agencies and their coalitions, and the private sector in collaboration with universities and federal agency partners …

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Great Basin Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit

The GB-CESU is a partnership for research, technical assistance and education to enhance understanding and management of natural and cultural resources of the Great Basin.  Unique Role: Part of a national program that provides a funding mechanism for transferring funds from federal partners to universities to conduct projects Partners/Collaborators: Universities and federal agencies Initiating Organization: Department of the…

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Past Partners

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Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative

The Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) enhanced the understanding of the effects of changing climate and other natural and human impacts across the region and promoted the coordination of science-based actions to enable human and natural communities to respond and adapt to those conditions.

This cooperative was dissolved in 2019, but an archived version of the website may still be viewed here: